WordPress CMS – A Cost-Effective Content Management System

Why Choose WordPress for your Website?

  • WordPress is not just for blogging. It’s a full-featured, user-friendly Content Management System
  • WordPress is perfect for integration with social media
  • It’s open-source, so WordPress has a very large community of developers continually expanding its features to take advantage of the latest in Web technologies
  • WordPress makes it easy for you to update or add new content
  • WordPress is less expensive to develop on that other CMS platforms

We have developed several websites with WordPress. We create a unique, custom theme and implement a suite a plugins tailored specifically to your needs, including powerful SEO tools to boost your rankings in the search engines.

Our WordPress Sites Include Such Features As:

  • Forums: Allow users to post topics and replies in a threaded discussion forums.
  • Blogs: Create a blog for a single user or multiple users on your site. You decide whether to allow moderated or unmoderated commenting, and if so, what types of users can post comments.
  • Sharing: Enable users to share the site with friends by email, posting a link to a social networking site such as Facebook, Digg, or LinkedIn.
  • Polls: Engage users and find out what they are thinking by including a poll on your site.
  • Audio and video: Easily upload and publish streaming audio and video.
  • Forms: Gather information from users, which will be sent to specified recipients via email and will be available for you to view directly on your site.
  • E-commerce: Sell items on your site and accept credit card payment via a processor such as PayPal.
  • Google Analytics: Track users and activity on your site through Google Analytics.
  • Search-Engine-friendly URLs and page titles: If you would like to include Search Engine Optimization, we can help you determine the best URLs and page titles for your site. We will add modules that will enable easy creation of custom URLs and titles for each page on the site.
  • Private Content: Publish content that will only be accessible to users with certain permissions.

Before we launch your website, we provide you with your own documentation and training to ensure you are prepared to manage the site on your own.