A New Friend


So I made a new friend this week. I installed Node.js on my computer a few months ago, but I never was able to go beyond creating a simple web server and handling simple AJAX requests with mock data. The main reason I developed the server was to be able to test my client-side code while waiting for the app developers to finish building out the services on the server. I can honestly say that coding in JavaScript on the server is awesome. Finally, I understood what the app developers were talking about. I could write code for a single environment, and to boot, it’s Chrome’s V8 engine for the win! This week I had the fortune to finally see the real joy that is Node.js.

I installed Yeoman.

It wasn’t easy. Okay that’s a lie. The install was very easy. However, I had an issue creating new projects. I typed in the command to start off a new project:

I made my selections. Hit ENTER, and watch the ol’ chap go to work. Towards the end of the process, I started to see the following errors:

Doh! I don’t own npm on my machine. So a quick command to fix that:

Finally, tools for front end developers by front end developers. That’s it for now. I have a personal project I’m working in the works. I’ll post it up as soon as I have something to demo.

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